Persistence LT 6 pc bare shafts

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Our Persistence light series carbon will be top notch for target shooters, and hunters who are wanting to have higher speed. Still having knock down power to take any big game . We are excited and you should be too! Our focus behind this series was to never quit, push forward, staying persistent.  “Persistence pays off” We love you all and appreciate your support. Without you we would not of been able to come this far. 

RED nock and outsert included, 20 grain aluminum outsert. Thread size standard

 NOCK Size .204 outter diameter 5mm

Straightness .003 after cut more like .002 or greater

“Note” each arrow the same or 1 grain a part

400 spine 31” uncut  , GPI 8

350 spine 31” uncut, GPI 9

300 spine 31” uncut , GPI 10