Warning of purchase

Protection disclosure


by purchasing you agree you are 18 years or older. If you purchase our arrows through us or through a second party you are responsible to take the necessary steps to insure safe shooting and bending arrow after each shot is being done to insure safe practice shooting or safe hunting. Any person who purchased on our website or through a 3rd party is held responsible for not pushing the nock on the string properly, or shooting animals out of season, or not having your arrow on the rest properly or not shooting the correct spine or length of arrow , or not bending arrow to check for cracks. Arrow should not be shot if you hear cracks after bending. We are not held responsible for any incident or accident that may occur. We are not held responsible for any damage to anyone’s archery equipment or any ones self . Everyone takes the chances of there own by shooting archery. We are not responsible for any mental or physical damages that may accrue to anyone or any 3rd party involved in an accident when shooting our arrows.  When you purchase you agree that you take full responsibility for any mishaps that happen or any accidents that may accrue and understand the consequences of possibly getting hurt. We are not liable for any one getting hurt from the arrow or insert or nock.